Fabulous NEW Frosted Cupcakes!

I have been busy experimenting with new flavours and new ideas and spent the last two days baking – what else is there to do when you are stuck at home with a poorly child! So, I have been trying out some new cupcakes…had a couple of disasters along the way, but all came good in the end and I made…

Rich Belgian chocolate cupcakes filled with caramel (yum!), topped with caramel frosting and topped again with chocolate and honeycomb…mmmmmm! Very indulgent and very delicious!

Moist Carrot Cupcakes topped with piped cream cheese frosting and a hand modelled carrot

Gorgeous simple vanilla cupcakes soaked in vanilla bean syrup and topped with rich Belgian chocolate frosting and sprinkles…

What better way to introduce my new range than take the lot to school and entice people to try a free cupcake? (cupcakes, incidentally are BIGGER than fairy cakes, but smaller than muffins!) Most people were more than happy to oblige!

Take a look at the feedback….

Delicious, amazing in fact, thanks for letting me sample… will definitely be using and recommending your services!! xxx Lydia A

The carrot cake one was deeelicious xxx Vicky B

The caramel ones were to die for!! unbelievable! Lauren said it was the best she had ever tasted! very moreish!! well done! XX Jackie P

We LOVED the carrot cupcake!! How do you and the kids all manage to stay so damn slim when you’re baking these 24/7!?! Tracy G

Caramel/chocolate cupcake so amazing! order on its way xxx Alison S

Chloe loooooved the carrot cake and asked me to make some more – yeh right!!!! Nicky J

So, overall a success I think! I have named my ranges as ‘Classic’ or ‘Indulgent’ – 2 prices, easy peasy 🙂

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