March Update

Well, each month brings with it new challenges! February has been quiet for me, but someone must have planned it that way for me as I have been house decorating and drowning a bit! March, on there other hand, is looking to be crazy, I think I will be working flat out and have some fabulous orders and designs to create, but I do well under pressure!

I’m also over the moon to have crossed the 2,000 goal on fan numbers on my Facebook page, it means the world to me! Clearly my non stop chatter isn’t putting anyone off! Yet! So pop over on Facebook and ‘like’ as it is updated daily!

The final piece of news is that I am now advertising in the Gold Directory so I’m hoping that this will bring me a lot of new business from a whole other area. If you have received this little A5 booklet in the post, have a little look for my advert!

A reminder too that I should be grateful if all correspondence was copied to both email addresses listed, that way I will ALWAYS receive your correspondance!

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