A range of cupcakes & gifts are also available as well as large cakes.

Cupcakes can either be just fondant topped ('Supercool Funky Cupcakes') or topped with a generous swirl of buttercream frosting and a smaller disc of fondant on top ('Fabulous Frosted Cupcakes'). however, note that styles change and I now top the majority my cupcakes with buttercream and then toppers and as designs are always evolving, older designs will have been updated. The best pictures to look at are the latest ones.

Cupcakes come in a range of traditional flavours including:


  • Madagascan vanilla 
  • Rich chocolate mud
  • Red velvet 
  • Luscious lemon, 


Information for Ordering:

  • Minimum Order: 12 cupcakes minimum and increments of 6 thereafter (ie 12, 18, 24 etc). All cupcakes are presented in boxes 
  • Flavour: One single flavour per multiple of 12
  • Prices: From £3.50 per cake

Cupcake Bouquets 

Flowers you can eat! A stunning range of innovative gifts, all you need to do is decide the colour and size of bouquet. Available in vanilla or Belgian chocolate (additional £5 - £15 on various sized bouquets), these are priced as follows:

  • Small Standard: £25 (7 'flowers')
  • Small Deluxe OR Mixed flavour: £30
  • Medium Standard: £45 (12 'flowers')
  • Medium Deluxe OR Mixed Flavour: £50
  • Large Standard: £75 (19 'flowers')
  • Large Deluxe OR Mixed flavour: £80
  • Extra Large Mixed Flavour: £100 (24 'flowers')
Please enquire for different combinations as prices above are a guide and can vary slightly depending upon specific order. Bespoke combinations can be made on enquiry.

Brownie Gift Baskets 

These large baskets are filled with a generous quantity of rich chocolate brownies (approx 25) and then cellophane wrapped and hand tied with ribbon. For a small additional cost a couple of fairy cakes can be added with an inscription such as Happy Birthday, Happy 40th, Get Well Soon etc These baskets are priced at between £40 and £45