Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding cakes. If there is anything that you still need to know, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • What flavour will my cake be and what fillings are used?

Choices include the following:

  • Moist Vanilla Madeira filled with Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream and jam
  • Luscious Lemon filled with lemon curd & lemon zest buttercream and infused with a lemon zest and lemon syrup that is soaked between the layers
  • Luscious Orange filled with orange curd, marmalade & orange zest buttercream and an orange syrup that is soaked between the layers
  • Belgian Chocolate rich and moist and filled with Belgian chocolate buttercream 
  • Chocolate Mint, delicately flavoured and filled with mint green peppermint  flavoured buttercream
  • Almond Amaretto filled with raspberry jam & almond Amaretto buttercream and layered with an almond syrup that is soaked between the layers
  • Rich Coffee filled with rich coffee buttercream and layered with a coffee syrup that is soaked between the layers
  • Traditional Fruit made well in advance, rich with fruit and peel and infused with brandy before being covered with a layer of marzipan followed by fondant

Please note that all of the above flavours can be made with or without the addition of a cheeky soaking of alcohol! Other Buttercream flavours are available, please ask (eg raspberry ripple, salted caramel etc). All cakes are coated in rich dark or white chocolate ganache before being covered in fondant icing.

Please note too that gluten free and dairy free cakes are also available so please enquire should you have an specific dietary requirements.

  • How much notice do I need to give for an order?

Generally speaking, the more notice the better! Ideally, at least a month to six weeks to avoid disappointment but there is sometimes room for a last minute order, so it is always worth ringing in case! Availability is dependent on the number of orders being processed at that time and occasionally there may not be resources to meet demand. A 50% non refundable deposit is required at time of order to secure your booking. Balance payment is required a week before your cake is due. Cancellation with less than 8 days notice requires payment in full. Note that your cake is not 'booked in' without full confirmation of details and clearance of your deposit, hence dates cannot be 'saved' prior to this happening.

  • How long will my cake last?

All cakes keep up to 5 days after delivery as long as wrapped and stored properly. It is recommended that once the cake is cut any left overs be wrapped securely in foil to keep the cake fresh. Serviettes and tissue absorb moisture from a cake and can cause it to dry out so are not recommended. If handing out cake slices after a party, always wrap in foil.

  • How do I get my cake?

Cakes are collected personally on a date specified in advance. They come boxed, ready for collection and transport. Cakes are at their happiest travelling in the boot of a car as this provides a flat surface. The passenger seat in your car is not a good place as it slopes...and if you hit the breaks suddenly, the cake will fly off! If collection is not possible, a courier service is available. Please enquire at time of order. Advice on transport must be followed as please note that once a cake has left the premises, the responsibility of the cake and safe transport transfers to the customer. I cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs once the cake has left my premises.

  • How many will my cake serve?

Round and square cakes are made according to approximate serving quantities as seen below, and the same guide can be used for calculating servings for tiered cakes. For 3D cakes exact dimensions are not offered as each cake is individually hand crafted in freehand, however cakes look big and carry a great impact. These can vary in size depending on design and some may be offered in different sizes - please always enquire. 

Note that fruit cake will provide approximately double the number of servings as the figures listed below 

As a general guide:

5" Round/ Square            8/ 12 

6" Round/ Square            12/ 17 

7" Round/ Square            17/ 24 

8" Round/ Square            24/ 28

9" Round/ Square            28/35

10" Round/ Square          35/47

11" Round/ Square          47/57

12" Round/ Square          57/68

13" Round/ Square          68/ 75

14" Round/ Square          75/ 85



  • How should I store my cake?

All cakes should be stored in a cool place on a flat surface. They should never be refrigerated and should be left in their box until required. 

  • What style of cake can I have?

Anything at all! There are no limits to your imagination and the aim is always to produce the cake of your dreams! The galleries are here to inspire you but please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss anything that you may not see here or any ideas that you have in mind. I love to create new bespoke cakes tailored to your individual needs! Alternatively, if you see something in a book or magazine that you love, I would be happy to base a cake on that. 


  • I like a cake on your website but would like a variation. Is that possible?

No problem at all. I can base a design on any of the existing range and then alter it to your specific desires. In particular, all cookies and fairy cakes can be tailored to suit your colour and decoration preference. The photographs are for inspiration, but please feel free to be as creative as possible!

  • How will my cakes/ fairy cakes be presented?

All Cakes come boxed. Fairy cakes can be individually wrapped, or put in special cupcake boxes that ensure safe travel and freshness. Please ask us and packaging will be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Do you make any other types of cake?

The range also includes fantastic brownies , cupcake bouquets and gifts, all of which can be presented in bags and cellophane wrapped or put in baskets or beautiful fabric reusable hampers. Ideal for gifts! I am also pretty versatile at making undecorated cakes, given that I love baking, so please always enquire!