'A good cake is not cheap; A cheap cake is not good' Anon

Cake prices depend on so many factors that it is virtually impossible to give an answer when asked the question 'how much are your cakes'. Details such as: servings required; shape of cake (2D or 3D); number of tiers; amount of modelling involved etc are all factored into your quote and as most cakes requested are bespoke and designed to a clients particular specifications, prices can vary enormously. 

The cakes currently on the website are all GUIDE priced beneath their photograph - by enlarging the images, the prices can be seen as well as a little blurb. This provides a useful 'guide' but is not prescriptive as details and sizes required by an individual may well be different to those in the cake photographed. Please note too that prices are updated on a regular basis and this may not always be reflected in the pricing beneath individual pictures. A bespoke quote will always be tailored to your individual requirements.

Standard Celebration Cakes: Prices start from £90 (24 servings 8")

3D Novelty Cakes: Prices start from £130

2 Tier Cakes: From £130 (32 servings: 8" & 5") and from £160 (40 servings: 9" & 6")

3 Tier Cakes:  From £225

Starburst Cakes: Below is a guide pricing a basic starburst with no additional modelling detail and based on a vanilla cake:

8" Square (28 servings): £90 

9" Square (35 servings): £110 

10" Square (47 servings): £145

11" Square (57 servings): £170 

12" Square (68 servings): £195 

9" & 7" (59 servings): £175 

10" & 7" (71 servings): £205

10" & 8" (75 servings): £215

11" & 8" (85 servings): £235 

11" & 9" (92 servings): £240 

12" & 9" (103 servings): £270

12" & 10"(115 servings): £295 

For a character add £20 per modelled figure 

Additional personal modelling prices on request  

Simply Elegant: A range of simpler but equally beautiful cakes starting at £70

Cupcakes: From £3.50 per cake 

For individually wrapped cakes, add £1.25 for clear boxes wrapped with coordinating ribbon.

Minimum order of 12 cakes & additional numbers in increments of 6

Gifts: A range of gifts are available, and are presented in a choice of bags, boxes or wicker baskets. Please enquire

Cupcake Bouquets: Available as large (£70 for 19 cakes); medium (£45 for 12 cakes); small (£25 for 7 cakes). A range of colours and flower combinations, please enquire 

A 50% non refundable deposit is required at time of order to secure your booking. Balance payment is required a week before your cake is due. Cancellation with less than 8 days notice requires payment in full. Note that your cake is not 'booked in' without full confirmation of details and clearance of your deposit, hence dates cannot be 'saved' prior to this happening.