Patience!!!!! This is the key!

As I stood in my kitchen this morning baking and modelling little bits and pieces, I was thinking how I often get asked ‘how do you do that?’ Well. I think apart from the obvious ‘practise, practise, practise’ the other piece of advice I have to give is ‘be patient’…

Now I know that to many this once again may seem a little obvious…but actually it is amazing how impatient we all are. I know that I for one am guilty of this time and time again…..but the absolute trick to making perfect models, whether animals, characters or objects, is to give yourself time. Time to make each individual element perfectly and then time to allow it to dry. I know how tempting it is to put all the elements of a model together to see the finished product, but if your bits and pieces are still soft, all that happens is that you ruin all your hard work by adding the not so elegant finger marks, or squashing a perfect circle, denting a sphere…

So I am currently making tiny headphones but if I try to make them in one go I know that the band across the top will be wonky, the earpieces will get squashed etc. But. If I wait until tomorrow the elements will come together perfectly. Ditto people…put a body on soft legs, the whole thing will squash.

This is why last minute orders with high levels of detail cannot always be accommodated. Shoes, handbags, animals, these all need to be made in advance and over a course of days. And this is why cake makers often work weekends…we need to in order to have everything ready for a cake being made that week.

So, another long update but hopefully helpful to some. And if I’m stating the obvious to others, then it apologise xxx

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