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'A good cake is not cheap; A cheap cake is not good' Anon

Cake prices depend on so many factors that it is virtually impossible to give an answer when asked the question ‘how much are your cakes’. Details such as: servings required; shape of cake (2D or 3D); number of tiers; amount of modelling involved etc are all factored into your quote and as most cakes requested are bespoke and designed to a clients particular specifications, prices can vary enormously. 

Please note too that prices are updated on a regular basis. A bespoke quote will always be tailored to your individual requirements.

For cupcake and cupcake bouquet prices, please visit the relevant pages/ galleries.

Celebration & Novelty Cakes (Fondant & Ganache coated)

Prices are a guide only, please take into account that smaller cakes are guide priced based on less detail and decoration than would correspond with larger cakes. Smaller cakes can be made as double height cakes or half as tall again to give more servings.

These cakes are filled with buttercream corresponding to the flavour of the cake and then coated in a rich and delicious white or dark chocolate ganache before the fondant layer is added.

6″ Round (12 servings)
7″ Round (17 servings)
8″ Round (25 servings)
9″ Round (28 servings)
10″ Round (35 servings) 

From £65
From £90 
From £130
From £145
From £170

Small Two Tier (32 servings)
Standard Two Tier (42 servings)
Large Two Tier (58 servings)

Small Three Tier (42 servings)

From £145
From £175
From £240 

From £195


Buttercream Cakes & Drip cakes

These cakes are filled with several layers of buttercream corresponding to the flavour of the cake and then coated in buttercream rather than fondant. This style of cake tends to be smaller in diameter but are taller than fondant coated cakes, often double height. This will be detailed in your quote.

5″ Round double height (16 servings)


From £70


6″ Round double height (24 servings)

From £90